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How does our web designing process work

UI Prototyping
Step: 1
We create a basic website UI which is intractable to get an idea of how the website will look and feel like even before going live.
UI Prototyping
Design Finalisation
Step: 2
After designing and testing UI and UX for 1-2 weeks in congestion to the brand. We finalise the design, the layout and flow of the website. After this point no further major changes can be done to the UI or UX elements. After this point the domain and hosting is to be provided by the client to begin work on the live site.
Design Finalisation
Web Development Begins
Step: 3
We will start designing and developing the website from the reference UI we created at step 1. We will try to add additional elements not in the prototype to further increase the engagement in your website. The development and design process will be entirely dependent upon the complexities of your design and functionalities you add to your site. But for a fairly complex site this process takes from 3-4 weeks.
Web Development Begins
Website Deployment
Step: 4
You are almost nearing the end. We will complete the website optimise it for speedy loading and if you choose our SEO plan we would do it for at this point. By the end of this process your website will be ready to be live. During this process the contents are reverified and are checked for factual or grammatical errors.
Website Deployment
Launching & Handing over
Step: 5
We will help you organise a launching event for your site and first 1 month of maintenance is from our side we will take care of any problem that is affecting your site. If you choose to stay with us for your annual maintenance program we will taking care of the site for 1 year. If you choose to leave us we will be handing over all the credentials and the assets used in the website but after that point we are no longer responsible for stability or performance of the website.
Launching & Handing over
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Web UI Design

We help you create the best user interface for your website for the best customer retention and engagement. A good web design will help your website be recognized as a fluid and polished one which in turn will improve not only the customer retention but also will give your website the recognition that it needs in the sea of unlimited websites. 


Backend Web Development

Worried about the back end development and maintenance of your website? Don’t worry we got your back covered. We will help you develop your website from scratch, complete it and also will take care of the annual maintenance for a seamless and smooth working of your website.   

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